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Propeller guards and prop guard products for boats and marine applications.

Frequently asked questions on our propeller guards, prop guards, propeller protectors, prop shields and related propeller guard products and accessories.


Q: Will the Propeller Safety Guard fit my motor?

A: We offer 9 sizes for propeller diameter 7” to 16” in 1 inch increments. Guard diameters are 9” to 17”.

Q: How much will the Guard cost?

A: From as low as $212.00 US and up depending on size. These prices vary depending on special and clearance pricing available.

Q: What material are the Guards made of?

A: From solid stainless steel and stainless steel wire mesh (subject to which model). Electro-polished for long life and pleasing appearance.

Q: How is the Guard mounted on the motor?

A: The upper mounting plate of the Guard is 10 gauge stainless steel with a center opening to accommodate the anode. Four (4) 5/16” diameter holes pre-drilled for mounting the guard under the anti-cavitation plate. Four (4) ¼” stainless steel cap screws and lock nuts secure guard to anti-cavitation plate. The lower mounting brackets (2) attach to the bottom of the Guard, one bracket on left side and one bracket on right side of skeg. Two (2) ¼” stainless steel cap screws with lock nuts attach brackets to skeg. Four (4) stainless steel ¼” cap screws and lock nuts attach brackets to lower section of guard. In the lower section of the guard is a long-gated slide attachment to allow fore and aft adjustment to find proper location on skeg to fasten brackets.

Q: What tools do I need?

A: An electric hand drill with a 5/16” high speed drill bit and 2 open end 7/16” wrenches.

Q: What benefits will I get from the Safety Guard?

A: Protection for swimmers, water skiers, divers and other persons in the water around the boat. Also protection for sea-life such as Manatee’s. A must for rescue boats, Police and Fire Department Inflatables, Rental house boats, boat rental fleets, pontoon boats and many other applications.

Q: What benefits will I get from the Line Guard?

A: The guard will keep fishing lines and downrigger wires away from propeller. The Guard will keep more solid water around propeller and increase efficiency. The Guard acts as a rudder and will give improved steering especially at low speeds. The Guard will protect skeg in shallow water. The stainless steel brackets mounted to both sides of the skeg will re-enforce skeg. The Guard will protect propeller from getting damaged. The Guard will allow you to make tighter turns with less “sideway slip “. The Guard will prevent expensive repairs to skeg and propeller.

Q: How much friction or drag will the Guards cause?

A: Depending on speed and motor/hull configurations, from 3% to 5%. At slow speed to medium speed very little, at high speed more.

Q: May I return the product of not satisfactory?

A: Yes
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Q: What is the warranty?

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Remember – one of the main reasons for installing a Propeller Safety Guard is “Safety”

Consider this:
A three blade propeller at 3600 RPM will strike an object 180 times per second ! Propeller related injuries are never minor - always major.


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Security & Peace of Mind
On today's busy lakes, rivers and waterways littered with debris and with rocky bottoms, a propeller guard is an exceptional security feature and an inexpensive way to protect your propeller, engine and boat from damage and high repair bills. A broken propeller on rough seas can be a very dangerous predicament! 
Safety and Protection
Water skiers and water sport enthusiasts, the Safety Guards can help be a "lifetime" of safety and proactive protection against accidents, injury, death and/or lawsuits. Insurance companies love this product and so will you! Protect yourself, your family, your friends and your assets now!
Savings in Time & Money
Boaters and fishermen, the Line Guards can save you $ in new props from hitting bottom, and save time in untangling line, downrigger cables and gear from your propeller and save money in lost fishing tackle!


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  Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Transom Boat offers prop guards for boats for the highest level of safety, security, quality and piece of mind. The prop guards protect swimmers, skiers, sea life, propellers, engine, boats, and saves you money. There are two models and 9 sizes of each propeller guard style to choose from for all needs: rescue boats, safety boats, tow boats, ski boats, houseboats, family boats, rental fleets, dive boats, fishing boats, and more.

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