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Propeller guards to protect your propeller, fishing lines, and swimmers and sea life from dangerous boat propellers. - a website offering propeller guards for boats for safety and protection.


Propeller guards and prop guard products for boats and marine applications.

Propeller guards testimonials on prop guards and propeller protectors.

I'm Pete Jones from Concord, New Hampshire (USA)

I'd like to extol the value and merits of your prop guard product. I called recently to order my second one. I have one on my 50 horse pontoon boat, now I'm ordering one for my 15 horse Mariner on my 14 foot Grumman fishing boat. The guard paid for itself 4 times over last summer. I can't wait to get one on our small boat before my two sons hit the water again this year. The guard is about the same price as the blade on my outboard, so it'll pay for itself the first rock my son finds in our river.

They go on easy, stay firm and I really feel my motor is protected. I don't know why you haven't sold one of these for every boat yet. Don't worry, when word gets out, YOU WILL!

Attached you'll find a picture I took recently of the guard on my 50 horse 4 cycle. It's in a foot of snow in our back yard. It's winter here now, but it'll warm up soon and it'll be back in the water then. The prop guard covers the blade all four seasons here at our house and this picture shows it.

Thanks again,"

Pete Jones


Propeller guard testimonial on prop guards on boats.
"This guard paid for itself 4 times over last summer."


"Thanks I received the guard yesterday. It looks great! I hope to install it in the next couple of days. Good to see PRIDE OF CRAFTSMANSHIP IS NOT DEAD."

Thomas Schneider


"I have a Yamaha 9.9 HP, 4 stroke high thrust trolling motor on a 24 foot aluminum cabin cruiser. The prop is currently uncovered and I just ate another downrigger line in a high wind today. I would like to guard the prop as this is the fourth time I've wound line."

Doug & Peg Albertson

Propeller guard testimonial on prop guards on boats.
Line guard on USCG rescue RIB


"I only lost about 4mph on top end (25mph to 21mph) and it's already saved me 2 props! Thanks."

Thomas Schneider

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Security & Peace of Mind
On today's busy lakes, rivers and waterways littered with debris and with rocky bottoms, a propeller guard is an exceptional security feature and an inexpensive way to protect your propeller, engine and boat from damage and high repair bills. A broken propeller on rough seas can be a very dangerous predicament! 
Safety and Protection
Water skiers and water sport enthusiasts, the Safety Guards can help be a "lifetime" of safety and proactive protection against accidents, injury, death and/or lawsuits. Insurance companies love this product and so will you! Protect yourself, your family, your friends and your assets now!
Savings in Time & Money
Boaters and fishermen, the Line Guards can save you $ in new props from hitting bottom, and save time in untangling line, downrigger cables and gear from your propeller and save money in lost fishing tackle!


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  Sea Eagle Sport Runabout Transom Boat offers prop guards for boats for the highest level of safety, security, quality and piece of mind. The prop guards protect swimmers, skiers, sea life, propellers, engine, boats, and saves you money. There are two models and 9 sizes of each propeller guard style to choose from for all needs: rescue boats, safety boats, tow boats, ski boats, houseboats, family boats, rental fleets, dive boats, fishing boats, and more.

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